Is It Possible To Have A Single Room Or Single Bed?

An additional fee can be paid for by those wishing to have a single room. All single rooms have supplement charges that are additional to course fees (approx. €26 per night in Austria)

Please be aware that this is absolutely not possible should you be working in a ski school after your course (see section on ski school accommodation). We generally believe it is better for people to get used to living together during the course although we understand if someone wishes to use this option. We carefully use the logistics and data gathered to try and place people in rooms with age and gender as a primary decider. Once in resort it is possible to switch rooms in a specific accommodation to suit all students involved and this is best sorted internally amongst the group as people form their own social circles.

Most rooms in Austria are Austrian Twin Bedrooms, however there are a limited number of single beds and bunk beds in accommodations that we use. We have very limited single beds and these are offered on a first come first served basis.

N.B. An Austrian Twin Bed is described as two single mattresses on a large bed frame.