I Have My Own Equipment, How Do I Know If It Is Suitable?

Until we actually check your equipment on arrival and see you using it, it will not be possible for SIA to approve any pre-purchased equipment. As previously mentioned your boot may be from a reputable manufacturer and be good quality, but this does not mean that it is the correct boot for your skiing or boarding. The stiffness, flex and volume of the boot are just some of the issues that will either make or break your first few weeks on the piste and there is no point in making the effort and financial commitment to do a course when your equipment is holding you back. Skis and Snowboards also come in so many different types that a participant is highly likely to make an expensive error by purchasing new or second hand equipment before arrival. You should of course bring any decent equipment that has been well maintained and may be of use to you on a course. Your booking questionnaire asks you to disclose clearly the type of ski/board and boots you already may have including the size and age. This way we can advise you if it may be possible to use it. Once again we must stress that a final decision can only be made once you are in resort.