How Will BREXIT Affect My Course And Employment?

Holding an Austrian qualification may be of a huge advantage post-Brexit as it is unclear if Austria, together with other ski nations, will accept all qualification outside of the EU.

2021/22 will be the first season post-Brexit and will add some red tape to what would historically have been a normal season. To work anywhere in the world now, incl. Europe, Brits will need a visa or permit to work. The Authorities here in Austria have said that they plan to have a ‘seasonnaire permit’ in place to allow workers short-term access to the employment market during the winter season. Whilst this is potentially great news, they haven’t released any further details on this as yet so it still leaves a little uncertainty on what will be required from UK nationals working in Austria.

We have a number of options which allow you to enjoy a winter season which is not affected by BREXIT, including our Japan Internship, our BASI L1&L2 Courses in Morzine, France and our 11 week Gap Instructor Courses (ski or snowboard) in Austria.