How Much Does It Cost?

The Austrian Anwärter (Level 2) with SIA starts from as little as €4.680 and yet a comparable Level 1 & 2 Course can cost as much as €9.000 with other providers, that is a huge saving that remains in your pocket. We are always happy for people to compare courses as we know that our training programmes lead to huge savings – Everyone’s a winner!

If you are looking to work your way up the qualification ladder then expect to pay some princely sums with other national systems when assuming training and course costs. Using SIA courses you could achieve Level 3 including ski Anwärter, Landes 1, Landes 2, AlpineKurs (mountain safety) and snowboard Anwärter for as little as €15,460 including accommodation, lift passes, training, exams and transfers.

It is really important for those that are wishing to be in this industry long term that they start their journey in the way that suits their future and their financing. A wise choice now will reap huge rewards short term and long term so choose wisely.