How Fit Do I Need To Be Both Physically And Mentally?

Obviously, skiing and boarding is an active sport that takes part in an outdoor environment that can be very cold, wet and windy. Mentally a person should be in a good position to be able to handle these weather challenges and also have a character that is open to learning and constructive criticism. You will be training, working and living with others and you should be able to operate as part of a team in a social environment. Physically you need to be fit and prepared for the demands that such a long course will place on your body. We recommend strongly that you are actively involved in sport and fitness before arriving into resort. Strong legs and a good cardio base are very helpful. Advice, videos and training guides are available to all course participants to help you prepare your body. Anyone suffering from pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, asthma etc. are eligible for our courses and need only to inform us so we can better assist you where necessary.