SIA Experience Series:
Noah’s Ja-Pow Adventure

Noah’s Ja-Pow Adventure

Our ‘Experience Series’ follows SIA graduates after their course and asks them everything you want to know about their season and what’s next on their snow journey.

Noah Hollywood, 18 from United Kingdom


Q1: Why did you decide to complete an instructor course?

I always wanted to do a gap year and have skied all my life so thought it was a great opportunity to get the qualifications to become an instructor and have a season.


Q2: Which program did you choose and why?

I chose the Japan Ski Internship which included the Anwarter level 1 and 2 qualifications with a job guaranteed in Japan as it is a completely different experience skiing on the other side of the world in a whole new culture.


Q2.1: What was your course accommodation like?

It was very good with the perfect roommates and amazing cooking and cleaning facilities.


Q3: How much ski / snowboard experience did you have before your course?

I had 20+ weeks of skiing experience before the course.


Q4: What was the favourite highlight of your course?

My favourite highlight of the course was the general family community that was created within ski groups and then also accommodation groups.


Q5: Did you work as an instructor after your course?



Q5.1: Which resort did you work during your season?

Appi Ski Resort, Japan.


Q5.2: Did you require a work visa, if yes, how did you find the process?

I got a Japan Holiday Working Visa and the process was very simple with no issues along the way.


Q5.3: As a newly qualified instructor, how did you find your experience in the ski school?

The first couple of lessons were of course nerve racking but once you get in to it, it is absolutely amazing. You just get the drive to keep on teaching but even if you have no work you are able to go off and explore with friends.


Q5.4: On average how many hours did you work per week and how much were you paid?

During the busier weeks I worked 6 days a week but I did have work all the way till the end of the season as we had Harrow International School next to the resort in which we taught the students. In total with no expenses I earned around £7,000.


Q5.5: What was the best part of the job?

The best part is seeing the joy in someone’s eyes as they are improving however quickly or slowly it may be.


Q6: Do you have your sights set on furthering your qualifications?

Yes. Next year I will be trying to get my CASI level 1 and 2 for snowboarding and then planning on doing my Landes 1 in Argentina in the summer.


Q7: What is next for you?

After my season in Japan I went travelling around south east Asia and now I am going to America to work on a summer camp. Next year I will continue with getting further skiing and snowboarding qualifications and make it in to a future career for now.


Q8: What advice would you give to others thinking of joining an instructor course?

It is a great opportunity so take it while you can as you improve your skill in a sport you love and you make lots of new long lasting friends.


Q9: How would you describe your overall experience with us?

Perfect. Great instructors as they can be serious to get learning done but know how to have a laugh. Also very good accommodation and facilities around the local town.


Q10: Three words to sum up your season?

Powder, party, park


You can follow Noah’s season on Instagram: @noah.hollywood or check out his YouTube channel @capow for some snowy heaven.


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