Covid Confident


Covid-19 Refund Policy

Whilst we are confident that we will not experience any issues with our 2021/22 winter programs we are offering a complete peace-of-mind service to reduce safety concerns and remove the financial burden for our customers.

We will be continually evaluating our safety measures and also implementing any reasonable policies which could help reduce the risk of Covid-19 related issues. Whilst assessing these new measures, in addition to keeping our customers safe, one of the priorities we will be considering will be ensuring that the integrity and experience of our courses are not affected, and that your program will not be fundamentally different from our normal services.

Pre-Departure Cancellations

Should our resorts or courses be affected prior to the start of the scheduled course date due to Covid-19 resulting in the course not being able to commence, our new Covid-19 Policy will allow anyone booked onto a course to transfer to a future course without penalty or request a full refund.

This means you can book and plan your instructor course and your winter season with confidence knowing you have full SIA support.

Mid-Course Cancellations

Should the program you are enrolled on be cancelled mid-course then SIA will offer customers two options to choose from;

Option One will allow customers to return during the same season to complete the remainder of their program at no additional course cost*. If a customer chooses to return during a different season, then additional costs maybe incurred e.g. new lift pass costs.

Option Two would see SIA endeavour to refund any unused, recoverable costs from its suppliers on a pro-rata basis including accommodation, meals, exam fees and training costs. SIA’s own internal costs will be excluded from any refunds, with the exception of unavailable training costs.

It is worth noting that a number of insurance providers are now including Covid-19 cover in their policies, two of which have been added to our Winter Sports Insurance Guide to offer you additional protection – MPI Brokers and Trailfinders Insurance**. Having appropriate insurance cover is an essential requirement for your course anyway, but even more so this season it is recommended that you find a policy that you feel offers you the cover that you are comfortable with.

*Assuming no additional options are requested by the customer, any additional options requested will be payable. Any external costs incurred by customers will not be covered by SIA’s Covid policy including, but not limited to, flights, transfers or insurance.

**Ski Instructor Academy can not recommend any insurance products. Our Partner Programme Insurers simply offer options for our customers, it is your responsibility to check you have suitable cover for your trip and your activities.


Covid-19 Testing Policy

Ski Instructor Academy is fully committed to keeping our courses and students safe during the coronavirus pandemic and as such will be implementing some important changes for the 2020/21 winter season and beyond. We wanted to inform all of our customers of our plans for testing and quarantining to ensure there is clarity, and to ensure the responsibilities of both SIA and our customers are fully understood.

General Responsibilities of SIA Customers

It is your responsibility as a traveller to protect your course investment by trying your best to self-isolate prior to your course. Protecting yourselves and your course mates by being sensible and self isolating prior to your course is the best way to ensure you arrive Covid-free.

We are also advising that customers get a pre-flight Covid test within 48-72hrs of travel where possible or gain a ‘fit to fly certificate’ – (check current travel guidelines for departure / arrival requirements).

It is important that all customers need to make themselves aware of the covid regulations in the country they are visiting. Some course locations may require students to be fully vaccinated or have evidence of covid recovery to enter, join courses or enrol in exams.

Testing Positive+ Prior To Arrival

If you test positive prior to arriving at your SIA accommodation you must follow the local rules and laws regarding quarantine and further testing wherever you are. You can still arrive on your SIA Course as soon as you are Covid-free and cleared for travel. Any costs associated with your quarantine will be the responsibility of the student.

No refunds will be provided for lost training days due to a positive Covid test.

Testing Positive+ On Arrival

SIA will be carrying out point of care Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) to all students with SIA Accommodation on arrival in resort. SIA will be providing this service free of charge to ensure all guests are Covid-free on arrival. Should you receive a positive result, you will be isolated and quarantined until you produce a negative result and following local guidelines for quarantine – SIA will provide your quarantine accommodation during this period at no additional cost. (You may be moved from your assigned accommodation into quarantine accommodation during this period).

Whilst in quarantine you can continue the distance learning material and online courses during this period to make your time productive and will receive full assistance for food and supply needs by SIA support staff.

No refunds will be provided for lost training days due to a positive Covid test.

Testing Positive+ During Your Course

Should you develop Covid symptoms during your course then you will be required to self isolate immediately and undergo a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Covid Test. Should you test negative you can resume your course immediately. Should you test positive for Covid-19 then you will be required to self isolate for the Local Authority’s (location dependant) recommended period and/or until you provide a negative test result. Anyone within the same apartment may also be required to self isolate for the required period and/or provide a negative PCR test after the required isolation period. Any additional costs associated with isolation will be solely the responsibility of the student, incl. but not limited to, the cost of an isolation room.

Government guidelines will be followed in this instance and PCR tests may require a test fee.

No refunds will be provided for lost training days due to a positive Covid test.

Code of Conduct

SIA’s Student Code of Conduct within our Terms and Conditions has been updated to include Covid-19 related items. Ski Instructor Academy can not stress enough the importance of following local and national guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of your course mates.

For further information please contact us by email at


*T&C’s apply. Applicable on courses dated from October 2020 onwards only, retrospective claims prior to this date do not apply and will not be considered.