Ditching The Desk

After trudging away at the American corporate life, my body started screaming NO! NO! NO! You’d be shocked, but sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week causes all sorts of wrist, back and neck pain. On top of the weight gain, those are experiences no one in their twenties should have! 

It’s been 14 months now since I pushed the eject button on that life and have been backpacking around Central America and Eastern Europe. As I bounced from hostel to hostel, I kept asking myself “What do I want to do next?”. Skiing had always been a part of my winters, but it’s such an expensive hobby (especially after you just quit your job). That’s when the idea of working on the slopes clicked in my brain. Being a ski instructor and getting to help other people every day, all while being outside in the sun and snow, was an exciting endeavour for me.

Being a somewhat intermediate skier, however, that’s when the fear and insecurities moved in. Am I a good enough skier? How will I find a job? What if I get injured? How much can I even earn as an instructor? So many thoughts were whirling in my brain. On the internet, I began looking for help improving my abilities and a way into the industry. Ski Instructor Academy and their 6-week Anwärter course in Austria stood out by being one of the most cost friendly courses available. The fact that they teach you some German and also help you with a job placement was a massive added bonus. Through Instagram, I reached out to past participants of the course via the #siaaustria hashtag. They all had positive experiences and in early September I signed up for the course. For me, it was a significant investment into myself which should pay itself off, plus a little more, after working for the season. 

I’m writing this one week into the course here in Austria. After 5 days of skiing on the glacier, I’m proud to say my confidence is increasing day by day. The reason I’m writing this blog is not only to document my individual experience, but also to help others who are undecided on what they want to do with their lives. If you are as I was 14 months ago in the early stages of decision making, more information can only help you on your search. I highly encourage you to reach out to me @milanisglobal or Gary@SIA, or use the SIA hashtag to get honest testimonials on what it’s like to do something different and exciting with your life!

Milan B, USA